and at once I knew
I was not magnificent.

The Holocene Era encompasses the length of human history. Compared to the entirety of documented human history, what are our struggles? Our heartbreak? Our love?

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It’s strange how your childhood sort of feels like forever. Then suddenly you’re sixteen and the world becomes an hourglass and you’re watching the sand pile up at the wrong end. And you’re thinking of how when you were just a kid, your heartbeat was like a kick drum at a rock show, and now it’s just a time bomb ticking out. And it’s sad. And you want to forget about dying. But mostly you just want to forget about saying goodbye.
Beau Taplin (via splitterherzen)

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I will stay gentle
no matter what I endure,
I am so much more.

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do u ever see a girl and are like “this is more than my gay little heart can handle”

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WAREHOUSE 13 MEME — five outfits
                  bering & sons plaid and glasses in the new guy (2/5)

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Space Foxes (because space animals are fun).


Space Foxes (because space animals are fun).

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And she did, for the rest of her life…….

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